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Get ready for the test

Use the official study guide, and combine your preparation with our thoroughly designed tests

Practice online

Our tests have been created in the same format as the official Canadian Citizenship Test

Take your official test

Book an appointment and make sure that you have enough time to complete the online course

Why choose Canadian Citizenship Academy?

The most up-to-date resources

Our course has been developed using the latest official study guide Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. You don’t need more or less. Our program has been designed based on the official resources and recommendations.

The best way to be prepared

Citizenship and Immigration Canada refers you to the study guide and in fact, gives you all the information you need for the exam. However, CIC doesn’t tell you HOW you should prepare for the test. Thus, we created this program to make your preparation smooth and help you better understand the entire study guide.

The most affordable solution

You can choose either Standard or Premium Account. Whichever course you decide to sign up for, you will get access to 10 Chapter Tests. However, by getting the Premium Account for $8.99, you will get access to unlimited simulation tests consisting of 690 top quality questions.

Best overall value

There are plenty of different options. The expensive options are not flexible enough, and the free options don’t provide the same high-quality, structured approach, and everything else listed here. That’s why we believe we offer the most optimal solution in comparison to the value you’ll receive.

The official test format

The simulations of the official citizenship test are presented in the same format as the official exam. All the questions are precisely based on the content of the Discover Canada study guide. Besides, all the tests are deliberately designed to help you remember all the information you need for your test.

Chapter Tests

Focus on the content efficiently reviewing one chapter at a time. It’s a well-known fact that a human brain is better at memorizing and reproducing structured information. That’s why we created chapter tests and would like to encourage you to use this approach while preparing for your test.

Based in Ontario, Canada

Feel comfortable knowing that our company is located in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario. We have tremendous experience and insight in what you need to know to pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. We know for sure how to translate our expertise into your knowledge and success.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority! We guarantee that our online program will meet or exceed your expectations. We are always looking for ways to improve and would like to hear from you. It makes us deliver on what we promise.

After completing this course, you will be able to:


be ready and pass your official test the first time

become familiar with the official test format

better memorize well-structured information

be confident for the day of your appointment


More and more users prefer to use smartphones or tablets, and we realize that we should be thinking mobile. Practise on any device.


From the moment when you purchase the online course, until the moment you take your test, you can surely get in touch with us.


Our pricing, tests, testimonials, etc. are all available for you from the very beginning. Please get familiar with our free course and tests.


In the unlikely event that you invest in our training program and do not pass the exam, you will get a FULL refund with no hassle from us*

Why you should prepare for Canadian Citizenship Test?

Failure rates for immigrants taking citizenship tests had increased to 30% when Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) made the test more difficult in 2010. Examinees have to deal with a massive volume of information and memorize plenty of facts. Tougher questions make it harder for a newcomer to pass the exam and become Canadian.

The new 68-page guide, Discover Canada, replaced a smaller volume that CIC introduced back in 1995. That’s why you have to take the Canadian Citizenship Test seriously. You have to be prepared. If you don’t pass your test for the first time, it could be a nerve-wracking experience for you. And we want to PREVENT it from happening.

Give yourself enough time to review the material. Almost all of those who failed the test found the official guide as a hard material to work with. Also, some applicants didn’t familiarize themselves with the study format. We offer YOU an approach which helps you better memorize the facts.

Take our course, and you will be able to train yourself to recognize one correct answer among multiple similar (but wrong) answers. We developed this program so that you could learn the STRUCTURED information and better reproduce it during your official test.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

At this moment, there are two courses available for you: Free and Premium. Choose which one works best for you. Try it for free and get familiar with the quizzes and questions. We continuously work on the content and new courses to make sure you are well prepared for the official test.


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